Greetings, our dear community members! Some time ago we offered you a new format of Prosper team interacting with all the people who had questions about the future of the project and how it is going to be developed. Plenty of questions were sent in our special Google Form, and at first we were thinking of organising an AMA in our chat, but then we have decided to step away a bit from the initial format. Based on all the questions that we have gathered, we took ten best ones and gave answers to them. We will see if you…

Greetings, our dear community members! It has been a while since we did not present any report considering the constantly ongoing development of our project. So today we are about to share some info on what we have already accomplished in terms of Prosper development and also we will give you a peek on what’s upcoming in the near future. Hope this article will do some good for our community to understand where the project is moving. So let us begin.

Developers` report

There are basically two main directions of where the development was going in the last months. The most important…

Prosper is proud to unveil a number of improvements to our platform’s internal architecture! We want to make sure that we’re always providing the best experience for users who make predictions through Prosper, both from an accessibility and functionality perspective. As many in our community are aware, we experienced a few technical glitches which prevented the proper creation of pools, and prevented the automatic update of asset prices. To address these issues, we’ve created a plan to upgrade our internal architecture in order to prevent such glitches from arising in the future. …

Prosper and Stratos will work together to bring Decentralized Storage to Predictions Market

Prosper is happy to announce our formal partnership with Stratos, a platform that takes a unique approach to decentralized storage. We are happy to encourage our community to explore the Stratos network, as such solutions become increasingly important for the growing DeFi ecosystem which Prosper is proud to be a part of. In a similar fashion to how Prosper seeks to address issues within the predictions market, Stratos is built to find new solutions within decentralized data infrastructure.

Stratos offers a number of incredibly useful services which can help to elevate the Prosper platform. Their decentralized data mesh allows for…

Soon we will be rolling out our Social Prediction Platform and we thought it is about time we tell you more about it!

What are Social Predictions ?

In case you didn't have the chance to get familiar with our Crypto Predictions pools when they were opened, we will start from scratch:

Placing a prediction is essentially investing your money on what you estimate is the most probable outcome of an event.
You prediction is placed in a Prediction Pool, together will all other predictions on this particular event. The pool will automatically balance the stakes based on the ratios of predictions on each side, giving…

As promised, we will be launching our 2nd staking option for the $PROS token tomorrow 16th of April at 6:00 PM UTC.

The staking will consist of farming of PROS-USDC UNISWAP LP token and will take place on the Prosper website. The Staking will go live at at 6:00 PM UTC to allow staking of the LP tokens.

Please be advised that farming $PROS is done by staking Liquidity Provided Tokens from UNISWAP, and we would advise you get familiar with Liquidity Providing first. …

Prosper is proud to announce that we’re going back live on Binance Smart Chain today at 4 P.M. UTC! During the last launch, we were able to meet the $10,000,000 prediction volume milestone. This is the first time the platform will be live for 30 consecutive days, featuring predictions in $PROS token.

We’ve also prepared a special prediction mining event with a 239,760 $PROS ($1,000,000) reward pool! Prepare your $PROS, predictors, more tokens you hold, higher reward you get!

Re-launch date: 4 P.M. UTC 2nd of April;
Network: Binance Smart Chain;
Prediction pair: BNB/USD;
Timeframe: 1 hour;
Supported assets: PROS, USDC;
Next maintenance: 4 P.M…

Prosper is proud to announce its new liquidity staking campaign designed to reward investors users. Prosper $PROS token holders will be rewarded for staking their tokens with another large total distribution of 410,400 $PROS tokens, in addition to the current staking mining campaign of 291,600 $PROS tokens. To elaborate, approximately $2,000,000 USD worth of $PROS tokens will be distributed via liquidity pools, for a global staking campaign of 702,000$ PROS token or ~ 3,500,000 USD!!

Earn $PROS with the staking mining!

We previously launched two very successful mining events back in January and February with the incentive to reward users of our prediction platform. Therefore, we…

Prosper is celebrating Avalanche chain launch with “Prediction Mining” program to reward Avalanche users.

Prosper, a non-custodial, cross-chain prediction market and hedging platform, has completed its integration and has officially launched on Avalanche! DeFi users on Avalanche can now access the Prosper application, and participate in a “Prediction Mining” promotion to earn a share of 22,680 Prosper tokens ($PROS) allocated to Avalanche users.

Now that the application has launched, Prosper will continuously work on Avalanche liquidity aggregation and connection between all blockchains that Prosper supports.

We are excited to implement Avalanche on our Prosper Platform. This will allow Prosper users…

Greetings, prosperous family! We believe that transparency is the key to success, thus we’ve decided to provide you with a detailed technical report on the issues that we’ve faced several days ago on a Polygon network.

First of all, we’re extremely sorry for that situation, don’t forget that we’re still in the beta stage, so bugs and issues are likely to happen. More bugs we find now, less bugs we will face upon full release! Despite all the technical issues, during the first two days since launch we were able to achieve over 1,000,000 $MATIC ($400,000) in total prediction volume!


Short-term non-custodial prediction and hedging platform based on Binance Smart Chain. Start here:

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